About The Project

As the final off-site traffic mitigation project required by the City of San Diego as part of the development of Liberty Station, the Nimitz & Rosecrans Roadway Improvement Project will reconfigure the traffic lanes on Rosecrans Avenue on either side of Nimitz Boulevard. The project will construct dual left turn lanes on Rosecrans to Nimitz (both eastbound and westbound), as well as a dedicated right turn lane on southbound Rosecrans to westbound Nimitz.

Construction began in early 2018 and is anticipated to be complete by the end of this year.

Nimitz and Rosecrans Project Map

Nimitz & Rosecrans Roadway Improvements Complete

We are pleased to announced that work has been completed on the Nimitz & Rosecrans Roadway Improvement Project! The new dual left-hand turn lanes in both directions are completed, new bike lanes have been installed, and the storm water system in the area has been significantly improved. (The project is….Read More

Paving complete

After a few rain delays, paving on Rosecrans has been completed. We appreciate you patience as we worked to accomplish this milestone! Remaining activity on the project includes pouring and stamping concrete in the medians, installation of traffic loops (in-road traffic sensors), and roadway striping. We’ll post updates as these items….Read More

Paving halfway complete

Paving on Rosecrans has been halfway completed. The remainder of the paving was scheduled for this week, but has had to be postponed due to rain in the forecast. We will report the new date for the completion of paving as soon as it is determined.

Paving on Rosecrans postponed

Due to rain in the weather forecast, paving on Rosecrans has been postponed. It is tentatively scheduled to begin on March 14, weather permitting.

Paving on Rosecrans to occur this week

As the Nimitz-Rosecrans Roadway Improvement Project nears its completion, construction crews will soon be paving segments of the roadway and intersection. This work is currently scheduled to occur on March 6 and March 7 between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. (weather permitting). Traffic control measures will be….Read More